Jacob has worked as a session drummer and drum tutor for over 15 Years. Jacob graduated from SCU Lismore with a Bachelor of Contemporary music in 2010 and is versed in all styles of music.


Recent Live Performance credits:

Jaguar Jonze, The California Crooners Club (Hugh Sheridan, Johnny Manuel "Americas Got Talent "& Maiya Sykes "The Voice",  Jeffery Steele (Nashville songwriters hall of fame), Allensworth (LA), Eves  The Behaviour, The I Hate Children Childrens Show with Paul Dabek and Marty Hailey (UK), Lachy Doley Group, The Gospel according to Earth Wind and Fire (Featuring Andy De Silver), Caitlyn Shadbolt (The X Factor), The Fumes, Robbie Miller, Cheap Fakes, Dave Orr Band, Band Of Frequencies, Thump, Golden Sound, Cass Eager and The Velvet Rope, Inigo, The Phats, Money Penny, The Creepers, Afrodizzyact,  Tim Sladden, The Rockefeller Frequency

Album Credits:

Jaguar Jonze, Busby Marou, The Fumes, Allensworth (LA), Dave Orr Band, Alex J Neil, Scramble Gamble Sound Track (Band Of frequencies), Dallas Frasca, Callee, Benjalu, Marshall and The Fro, Jill Beth, Alex Bowen, Mark Peric, The Rockefeller Frequency, Jaffer, Brodie Graham,, Brendan Radford, Razorjazz, David Michael Thomas, Hanna Karydas, Collin Bullock, Micka Samfel


Jacob has also worked with some of Australia’s leading producers and studio engineers including Dave Neil, Ian Haug, Anthony Lycenko, Forrester Savell, Murray Burns, Paulie Bromley, Jeff Lovejoy, Aidan Hogg, Yanto Browning, Ryan Hazel and Dave Hammer.