• Bachelor of Music with over 15 years experience teaching and performing

  • Purpose built soundproof teaching studio

  • 2 kits, PA system, studio headphones and all necessary equipment provided 

  • Air-conditioned

  • Waiting room and bathroom facilities

  • Hearing protection supplied


Based in Chermside West, Brisbane, Jacob offers private drum tuition. Lessons take place in a purpose built, sound proof, air conditioned, drum studio on 2 pro quality drum kits.  Jacob is a professional, qualified and experienced Drum Tutor/ Drummer.


Jacob has extensive experience tutoring in a variety of schools, music academies and privately.  Jacob has completed a Bachelor of contemporary music, (SCU, Lismore) and takes pride in achieving strong results for his students.  He aims to combine  the teaching of technique, theory and stylistic awareness with a consistent focus on a students individual musical interests.


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Electro Drum Core:
(Group tuition)


  • Percussion Ensemble with an electro twist

  • Performance focused group tuition 

  • Students experience performing even as a total beginner 

  • Electronic, modern and exciting backing track accompaniment for classical style percussion pieces 

  • Crucial skills covered with the motivation of regular performance opportunities 

  • Lessons can be almost silent and take place in virtually any space.

Electro Drum Core (EDC) is a performance focused, percussion ensemble with an electro pop/rock edge. 

This lesson format allows students to experience the thrill and satisfaction of live performance often just weeks into the tuition process. 

EDC focuses on live performance of classical style percussion pieces accompanied by electronic pop, Techno,rock style backing tracks, composed specifically for the purpose. 

Even at the most basic skill level, EDC backing tracks are hip and exciting. Students learn crucial fundamental skills such as rudiments, reading notation, counting rhythm and hand technique with the motivation of regular live performance opportunities. 


Electro Drum Core comes to you.  All equipment necessary for lessons and performance is provided.


Lesson/rehearsal can be extremely low volume. If necessary, rubber practice pads can be used in place of snare drums and all tracks can be played to students through headphones.  Lessons can take place in virtually any space. 

EDC is suitable for schools or just about any group or club situation. Typical performance group sizes are 2-6 but with sufficient notice, any size group can be accommodated.

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